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The Amazing Luggie Folding Mobility Scooter is the worlds most popular Folding Mobility Scooter. Over 20,000 units sold worldwide! Award winning product for innovation. & is the official Luggie website in the United Arab Emirates and we are the Official Distribution Center in the United Arab Emirates for the Luggie brand.

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  • Elite

    Our Top of the Range scooter from Luggie

  • Eco

    Same as the Elite but with a Lead Acid battery

  • Accessories

    Everything from Bags to Batteries

Register yourLuggie Scooter®

Register your
Luggie Scooter®

Once you have purchased your Luggie Scooter from us we wish you to use your product safely and without any problems. This is why we request all our customers of Luggie Scooters to register their scooter on our website. Registration of your Luggie Scooter is very easy to do, you can simply click on the Register link below and fill in the Serial number of your scooter within the Registration form along with your personal details. In the event of you needing to contact us we will have a record of your scooter for any future reference.


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